Welcome to Redemption Island! Now before we get to watch the three-way Duel between Aleks, Jaylen and Tyler, let's go over this modified twist to Redemption Island. This season the winner of the Duel will be given the power to choose which of the two losing player will remain on Redemption Island and which players is permanently eliminated from the game. Winning these Duels will give you a great power and influence in this game. So with that, let's get down to business!


Aleks, Jaylen, Tyler. You three will be facing off against each other, with the top scorer remaining in the game and selecting one of the two losing players to be eliminated from this game. For today's Duel you guys will be playing Tilt! Please send a full screen shot to your Confessional chat by the deadline of 7/22 5:00PM EST. Go it?