The land of Guyana is filled with exotic beauty and dark mystery...


Its history is covered with ancient bloodshed and rapid waters...


It will also be the location of the fifth season of the Rotu ORG...

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Fans...Favorites...39 Days...One Sole Survivor!


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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Survivor: Guyana - Fans vs Favorites! Now this season is going to be unlike anything you've ever seen before! It's going to test you mentally, physically and socially as you maneuver through this game and try to take the title of Sole Survivor! Now let's bring in our Fans!


Gavin Malik Jacob
Adam Tyler Aj
Isaiah Edvin Aleks

Gavin, Malik, Jacob, Adam, Tyler, AJ, Isaiah, Edvin and Aleks!

Well guys, welcome to your first season of Survivor! As many of you know, Survivor is an extremely difficult game that will really wear you down and test every aspect of your being. Now before we introduce you to the Favorites you will be playing against, it's time for the first twist of the game!


I am here to offer you a chance at gaining power or suffering from great loss. Here's the twist. You nine players will compete in a Duel right now where the winner will receive an advantage in this game and the player to come in last place... will be eliminated from this game. Just. Like. That.


For this Duel, you guys will be playing an all time classic: Honey and the Bees! Player with the highest score wins the advantage and the player with the lowest score will leave this game before it even gets started! The deadline for this challenge is 7/19 6:00AM EST, got it?