Hey there guys. Today we are doing things a little bit different. Yesterday, each tribe selected a member to be their tribe's representative at the Survivor Summit. Kanuku selected Kevin, while Roraima picked David. They joined together and had a celebration of goods last night but now it's time for them to do their part as your tribe's representative. Today we will be witnessing a three-person Duel between Jaylen, Edvin and Amber...


We will also be holding an Immunity Challenge where Kevin and David will be playing in place of their tribes!

Immunity idol

Today's challenge is called Code Breaker! Before each of you are 24 colored medallions and a box with a lock that has ten medallion openings. Once the case is opened a flag will raise. Today, your job is to correctly place ten of those 24 medallions in the correct order. Each box has a lock that looks like this:


You will use the following medallions to open your lock.


Ten of these medallions placed in the correct order on your lockbox will raise your flag. You will begin by guessing ten medallions of your choice, in any order of your choice. Simply contact a host when you're ready to get started.

Example: Bailey's First Submission - Attempt #1

1. Chartreuse
2. Pink
3. Navy Blue
4. Purple
5. Indigo
6. Orange
7. Tangerine
8. Red
9. Sky Blue
10. White

Once you have posted your list, We will let you know...

- Whether a medallion is in the right place in the list.
- Whether that medallion is used but in the wrong place.
- Whether a medallion is not used period.

- A star (*) will be placed before the number if the medallion is in the correct place on the list.
- An exclamation point (!) will be placed before the number if the medallion is one of the nine needed to open your case, but is in the wrong place on the list.
- (X) will be place before the number if the medallion is not one of the ten used to open your case.

The object of the challenge is to figure out the ten colored medallions in the correct order in the least amount of guesses.

A few last reminders:

- Each of you has a unique combination of 10 colors.
- Each color is only used in the list once.
-In the event of a tie, the people who did it in the least amount of time will win.

Jaylen, Edvin and Amber will face off against each other, with the winner claiming victory in the Duel. Kevin and David will battle against each other, with Tribal Immunity on the line. There's a lot on the line, so be prepared! The deadline for this challenge is 7/31 9:00AM EST. Got it?