I have the results....



*Gavin stands up*



Everything I say is under the assumption that this is a real idol. If it is fake, then I've been got and I had a blast playing Rotu ❤ Best of luck to everyone else if I'm on my way out 🙂

However, if this is, in fact, real, I'm sick and tired of people succumbing so easily to mob mentality. Adam, it was an even fans and favorites split. I was loyal to a fault to you, but just so callously voting me out because that's what everyone else is doing is hardly a reason to vote me out when you'll be next on the chopping block. You're expendable to the favorites -- you're the name I was told to vote in case things went awry. So, assuming we both survive this tribal, let's start anew and work this game together again.

Nonetheless, regardless of whether or not I was able to get out the person I intended to do so with this move, I'm here to live another day and ready to make my presence known.

And assuming you stuck to your word, thank you Mihai for being the one favorite that I'm assuming did not vote for me (but if you did, it's really not a big deal... might actually have made things slightly easier on my end).

Let's (hopefully) get cooking 🔥


This is a hidden immunity idol. Any votes for Gavin will not count


Gavin (does not count)


Gavin(does not count)


Three votes left

Gavin (doesnt not count)

One vote Amber One vote Isiah one vote left

Sixth person voted out of Survivor: Guyana Fan vs Favorites is ......


Amber, please bring me your torch...


Another idol played. Another blindside. With more than half the tribe receiving votes. You need to become united if you want to continue winning. Head back to camp and await your next challenge.