Day 5 - Reward/Immunity Challenge


Hey there guys, please welcome Diane and Tung back from Exile Island!


Now for today's challenge, you guys will be playing for all the goodies. Reward! The power to send someone from the other tribe to Exile! And this beauty...


Good stuff, huh? Today's challenge is going to test your communication skills as well as your ability to think outside the box. Today you are playing the Teej Rebus Challenge! What is a "rebus" you may ask? It's a puzzle in which words are represented by combinations of pictures and individual letters. This is going to be tough. There are forty puzzles here. I'll give you an example of one, to show you what you need to do:

For Instance

The answer is: For Instance.

Too Funny For Words

The answer is: Too Funny for Words.

So what you need to do is work together and solve as many of these puzzles as possible. Tribe with the most puzzles solved wins Immunity! Please make sure you put your answers in order as the puzzles are. The deadline for this challenge is 6:30pm UTC. Got it?


1) Puzzle-01
2) Puzzle-02
3) Puzzle-03
4) Puzzle-04
5) Puzzle-05
6) Puzzle-06
7) Puzzle-07
8) Puzzle-08
9) Puzzle-09
10) Puzzle-10
11) Puzzle-11
12) Puzzle-12
13) Puzzle-13
14) Puzzle-14
15) Puzzle-15
16) Puzzle-16
17) Puzzle-17
18) Puzzle-18
19) Puzzle-19
20) Puzzle-20
21) Puzzle-21
22) Puzzle-22
23) Puzzle-23
24) Puzzle-24
25) Puzzle-25
26) Puzzle-26
27) Puzzle-27
28) Puzzle-28
29) Puzzle-29
30) Puzzle-30
31) Puzzle-31
32) Puzzle-32
33) Puzzle-33
34) Puzzle-34
35) Puzzle-35
36) Puzzle-36
37) Puzzle-37
38) Puzzle-38
39) Puzzle-39
40) Puzzle-40