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• 4/9/2016

Vote for Miguel!

Hey guys! First of all, I wanna thank TJ and Martynas for hosting this killer season, I loved playing in it so much <3

Ok, so let’s get right to it, I’ll try to keep it short and sweet!

Strategically, I think I made the right moves at the right times, allowing me to survive this long. When the season started, I made it a goal for me to form bonds and connect with people who were both in my alliance and outside of it. I was initially in an alliance with Tom, Julez, Cali and Sam, and besides that I worked on getting Fonda and Ian to trust me because I knew there was a big chance that I would need them to survive in the future whether it’d be a swap or a merge, which turned out to be right because once the merge hit Ian at first wanted to vote for Cali but because of our relationship, I was able to let him know that people had thrown his name out there and that he needed to stick with Ramla in order to survive, which caused Tommy to go over Cali in that first merge vote, giving my alliance the numbers for the rest of the game.

One big move that I was behind was the ousting of Tom. Now, some people might not know this but Tom and I played together in SI where we worked together but by the endgame I wanted to have the chance to vote him out yet never got to because of him being a challenge beast. For this season, although I trusted Tom and he was a good ally, I wanted to be able to take my fate into my own hands and not rely on him wanting to keep me around in order to survive. I knew I wouldn’t stand a chance in some of these last challenges had he been around which is why I decided I needed to make a move at F7-F6. With me forming a F3 deal with Cali and Sam at F7 I figured it was the right time to do it, so by telling them about how Tom was getting a bit too close to Mihai (something I knew a long time ago since Tom had told me from the pre-merge that Mihai wanted to work with him after being hosted by Tom in his org), and although he wasn’t really gonna flip, it was all it took to put the target on him, with me getting Ian to work with us as well.

I think my social game was also strong this season, as I made an effort to reach out to people and I feel like I got to know most of you. I think one example of my social game helping me in the season was during F7, where I was left vulnerable with a dark pearl, the perfect opportunity for anyone in my alliance who would want to take a shot at me. Everyone from Ramla knew I would be having a vote against me at tribal, but instead of trying to get me out, I had people protecting me. Cali used her mask restrictor to make sure my dark pearl wouldn’t screw me over, Tom told people he had the dark pearl to avoid me getting votes, Ian shared with me his idol clue which allowed me to find the idol in that round. In the end, I ended up receiving only the dark pearl vote and I think that shows that people wanted to work with me moving forward, which is what you always want in Survivor.

I know I lied in some instances but in Survivor and with idols in play you sorta have to do that in order to survive and I’m hoping that doesn’t bite me in the butt tonight. I also always made sure to keep my options open because although I had an ideal endgame in mind for myself, I wanted to be flexible since you never know when people might start plotting against you and you need to separate yourself from them and find a new path. For me this didn’t really happen this season so I was able to choose the endgame that worked best for my chances of winning.

As for my physical game, I think it was also very good as I won 4 immunities and I helped my tribe a LOT during that endurance challenge where both tribes were going head to head, not only finding and improving the list we used but keeping people’s spirits up when we thought we had already lost. My favorite immunity win though was the one from Touchy Subjects, because to win this challenge you need to show some game awareness, you don’t need to be the most well liked or the most UTR, you need to be aware of what people think of others, it’s all about assessing how other people were gonna react to certain topics which I believe played to my strengths.

I feel like I deserve to win this season because I was proactive all the way through, and I always had the pulse of the game. I wasn’t afraid to get blood on my hands, I never hid behind anyone. I was front and center for all the action, there were people calling me a big threat during the early merge, some people even doing so pre-merge, and I still managed to keep my allies from turning on me and to make the moves that I wanted to make at every point. No one ever voted for me, the only vote I got was from the dark pearl I got at the auction, rip. During the pre-merge I always made sure I had all my bases covered, I was in a good position pre-swap and with my steal a vote had we lost a challenge post-swap I could’ve turned the 3-3 situation into a 4-2 and caused a split vote, which was my plan to keep myself safe from any idols. During the post-merge I was a key player in getting Ramla back the numbers by reconnecting with both Sam and Ian and securing their votes in that round, which led to our alliance succeeding for the rest of the game.

If you guys have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them, and I hope you deem me worthy of being the winner as I enjoyed playing in this season so much! :D

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• 4/9/2016

First off you were no threat lol, A threat is someone who would win. So my question for you is why do you think you played better then the other two? 

Give all the Jury Member's Survivor Player's on how they played.

No Sucking up!

• 4/9/2016

I think you're right, if I were really a threat I think my allies would've turned on me like we did with Tom. I just mentioned that bc I was called one by Jordan but looking back that was most likely a tactic to scare me off, and it worked lol.

I'm sorry if I came out as cocky in my speech, I was trying to focus on the positive parts of my game, but in reality I made a lot of mistakes. For example, I was naive at times, for a while I believed Mihai, Jordan and you when you said you were going to vote out Tommy at the first tribal. I was a bit too demanding at times during this game and I know that can turn people off, and also I made a deal with Mihai that I couldn't keep and that just sucks. I honestly believe I deserve to win out of the three of us sitting here, but my game was far from perfect.

I think I played a better game than Cali and Sam because I worked very very hard this season, I tried my hardest to be social, to talk to as many people as possible, to help my tribe with challenges, to make sure the alliance didn't fall apart. I know Cali and Sam tried a more UTR approach and that's a valid strategy but sometimes it seemed to me like they didn't care about this game, like they were just in their own world until Tom or I would message them telling them we needed to talk about the vote. Survivor is a social game and despite them being close allies to me, I think they're one of the people in the season I got to know the least bc they kinda just relied on us knowing each other pre-game and didn't bother to form any kind of new bond.

To summarize, I just think I worked the hardest out of us three, worked the hardest to find the idol so it wouldn't screw one of us if someone from outside the alliance found it, I was the bridge between us three and Ian and without Ian we wouldn't have been here, our alliance would've been gone at the start of the merge.

Ok, now for Survivor players:

Tommy: I didn't get to talk to Tommy this season bc he has me blocked and probably hates me a lot, but I think he would be like Micronesia Eliza. He seemed like he was a scrappy player just like her, I thought he would be done at NuGozo but he managed to survive, just like Eliza did after the swap. And once we merged he became the target and tried to scare people off with the possibility of an idol, same as Eliza.

Jino: You were like Australia Outback Varner! You were a fun person to talk to but you were one of the first to fall from your tribe, in Varner's case because he already had votes against him so it would break the tie, in your case because with Shannon's idol you were the least likely to have her played it on you since she seemed very close to Mihai and Jordan.

Jordan: Jordan was like Ciera, Cambodia Ciera to be specific. Ciera surprises people in the game, and so did Jordan this season, and like Ciera he was in a good position pre-merge, I don't think people were planning to take him out at all, just like Ciera was in a good spot pre-merge. Like Ciera, the merge probably came a round too early for Jordan and he ended up in the minority, and like Ciera he managed to survive until he took a fall due to Shannon's idol, just like Ciera when Stephen had an idol played on him.

Tom: Tom was like SDJS Jeremy, he was in one of best positions during the pre-merge phase, he was in the majority alliance after the merge, he won immunity like Jeremy, and he was taken out by his own allies for being considered a threat.

Mihai: Mihai was like Hayden, a big threat at first glance yet his social game allowed him to survive and be one of the last ones standing from his tribe, and if I didn't use my vote stealer he would've managed to cause a tie at F6 like Hayden did!

Shannon: Shannon you are like Abi, you found an idol, you told everyone you had it, showed it in the tribe chat like Abi did at tribal. You were the last one standing from you group like her, you got into fights but they didn't really make you look bad like with Abi.

Ian: Ian was like Holly from Nicaragua, at the start of the game it looked like he was going to be screwed bc of him not being in the majority alliance but he managed to survive and turned out to be a key player at the merge, making it all the way to F4 like Holly.

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