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Nightlock Kryptonite
• 4/9/2016

Vote for Sam!

Whew, long time since I've been in one of these lmao! Okay, so where do I start, basically, I'll sum up my point of view from this seasom

Basically, I think my game was pretty sweet this time around, I am quite happy about, I started off pretty lowkey at pre-merge, just treating each vote carefully, making sure I wasn't a target and just voted with a majority, it was casual, the fun really started at the tribe-swap where I started voting with Tommy, Jino and the other tribe, voting Julez and Fonda out because they're more careful, while Julez didn't even talk about votes or anything. When the merge came along, I decided to join back up with my old tribe with Tom, Cali, Ian, Miguel and such, it was comfortable, we trusted eachother, voting out Tommy, which lowkey sucked because I did want to work with him. Then me and Shannon bae had our first little spat, she accused me of gunning for her which wasn't really true, I was just telling Jordan that I heard her name as a test, which he failed, miserably. As Shannon and her idol scares, it was better safe than sorry, so we voted Jino.

Now, for the next tribal, I was pretty proud about to be honest! Since Shannon still had her idol, we didn't know what to do because she could of played it on herself, Mihai or Jordan, and Miguel wanted to talk to them and try and figure out what would happen, but I suggested that silence would be our greatest weapon, like for this tribal, do not say a word to Shannon so she would have no idea on how we would vote, because I gotta give that girl credit, shes smart, and had we of talked to her, I think she could've figured it out, but since we said nothing, we went for Jordan since I already knew Shannon and Mihai were close, and luck would have it, my strategy paid off and Shannon played her idol on Mihai, and we sent Jordan home, eliminating the idol in the process.

The next tribal I won immunity which was neat, so we took the chance to take out a big challenge threat, Tom, since apparently he was planning to flip to Mihai and Shannon, which is something I did not want like at all. I love Tom and it sucked to vote him out but, I couldn't risk being flipped into a minority.

The next few tribals were secured with the Tom vote, it was pretty systematic, Mihai and then Shannon, I wished I talked to Mihai a lot more since he's like an org legend. And with Shannon, I love her, we don't always see eye to eye but we have a bond after everything we have been through, especially with Lagrossa Heroes vs Villains <3

Okay, now at the final 4, I was honestly pretty frightened. The bastard black puzzle was back to haunt my soul and I lost it, not long after that Miguel told me he would be voting me out because "Ian is a goat and Cali is a follower" - Miguel, so at that point I was like "Shit", so I felt as if my only chance at survival would be securing Cali's vote, I knew I could trust her so I hoped that I could put our loyalty to the test, and it held strong, and I got to fight for my place in the game! Luckily I won and managed to beat Ian in the tie-breaker, and now here we are! I finally get to plead my case to a jury, and I hope they can see that I played to my fullest, I only won a single individual immunity but I always made sure I was a kind of backgrounded mastermind, which was uprooted a bit by the Sham (Shannon/Sam) antics, but overall, I believe I played pretty well!

Now, yall can ask me whatever you want and I will answer everything and more in a video response for y'all.

I believe I deserve this win as I made the right moves to get me here and out of my fellow FTC members, I took more initiative to make the big moves which got us here, I still love Cali and Miguel though, even though Mr. Miguel tried to vote me out *eyes*

Stay groovy y'all! I hope you can find it in your heart to give the right person your vote! (This bitch <3)

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Nightlock Kryptonite
• 4/9/2016
Miguel You are not supposed to comment on thier Thread :o
• 4/9/2016

Sam I think you played a hell of a game, Im very proud on how you played.

My question for you is why shouldn't i be bitter? I mean you are there and Im not :P and you made me go into that Jury. LOL

I want you to give us animals names on how we played this season. Becareful, not to label us wrong :O if you want our vote's.

Slayed! <3

• 4/9/2016

Hey Shannon! Thank you!!

And to answer your question, I feel like every juror is allowed to be bitter to an extent, yes I played a major part in voting you out, but you should take that as a major compliment, you were stubborn in this game, you fought til the final moment and I really respect that, god I knew you would be a force to reckon with, and I wasn't wrong, you slayed too!!

And to give you all animals, here we go

Tommy: Peacock, he's extravagant and knows that he is the shit, which I really like in a person.

Jino: Honestly, I didn't get to know you well enough which is a shame, but if I had to make an observation, I would probably say a rabbit maybe?

Jordan: Dog, you were loyal, like I could see that straight up and if I was to align with you, I'm pretty sure we could of had something pretty good, but you were the safest choice at that tribal with the idol worries

Tom: Rhino, you are one of the biggest challenge beats in the community, so I guess when you didn't have immunity, it was a good time to get you out I suppose

Mihai: Lion, you have such a big reputation in the org community, like to be honest it was very intimidating, I would of loved to work with you but I'm sorry it didn't really work out due to tribe divisions

Shannon: Lioness, the queen to the king, like jesus you're great at this game, honestly some of your mindgames honestly had me stumped on what to do, I knew you had what it takes to win and beat all of us to the ground

Ian: Fox, you kept to the shadows for most of the game but your presence was definitely noted in this game, like you were in the position to completely flip the game at one point, so to even get into that position is pretty impressive

Thanks for the question Shannon! <33

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