Day 39 - Final Tribal Council

Welcome to the Final Tribal Council!



We now bring in the members of our Jury...


Tommy, Jino, Jordan, Tom, Mihai, Shannon and Ian eliminated at the last Tribal Council.

Miguel, Cali, Sam... You've made it as far as you can get in this game. The power has now switched over to the Jury. These seven people will decide who is deserving of the title of Sole Survivor.

Here are the rules:

  • First, the finalists will post their speeches on a thread titled, "Vote [Insert Name here]".
  • Then once ALL speeches have been posted the jury will each post a thread titled, "[Insert Name here]'s Jury Speech".
  • Once each juror feels they have the necessary information to make their vote they will submit it to the hosts via their Facebook chats.

The deadline for the Finalists speeches is 4/9 1:30pm UTC. The deadline for the Jurors speeches and votes is 24 hours after all the Finalist speeches have been posted. Send your votes to your Facebook chats.

With that... Let's begin the Final Tribal Council.