Day 32 - Reward/Immunity Challenge


Hey guys, today you guys will be playing a fun one! You will be playing for both reward and Individual Immunity!


Today's challenge will be the Scavenger Hunt! It's easy enough. There are sixty items listed and you must try and find as many as possible! These range from names to videos to pictures. When submitting your list, please follow the example:

1. Blah blah blah
2. Blah blah blah

Your lists will be due in your Facebook confessional chats by 3/29 1:00am UTC. Any questions, don't be afraid to ask the hosts. Got it?



  • 1. 4 letters tribe name
  • 2. A player named John (any version of the name)
  • 3. A player named Rob (any version of the name)
  • 4. 3rd place finisher who received votes in FTC (same season)
  • 5. A deceased player
  • 6. A male, who used a nickname instead of name
  • 7. A female who used a nickname instead of a name
  • 8. A player who got to FTC without receiving a single vote during season
  • 9. A player whose last name is a word in English
  • 10. A premerge 1 time player from seasons 1-10
  • 11. A premerge 1 time player from seasons 11-20
  • 12. A premerge 1 time player from seasons 21-30
  • 13. A player who has same last-name as other player, but they are not related
  • 14. Tribe which included Boston Rob
  • 15. Tribe which included Rupert
  • 16. A player who won on his/her second time.
  • 17. A player who appeared in Playboy
  • 18. A quiter
  • 19. A med-evaced player
  • 20. A player who Probst calls by his/her last name
  • 21. A player who was voted out after a re-vote
  • 22. A player who was voted out with an idol in his/her pocket
  • 23. A player who was named as player of the season in the reunion.
  • 24. A returnee who got better in his/her 2nd time than in 1st
  • 25. A returnee who got better in his/her 1st time than in 2nd
  • 26. A player who won 5 individual immunities in one season
  • 27. A player who won a season without wining any individual immunity
  • 28. A player who played a HII succesfully on another person
  • 29. Miss Survivor (according to RHAP)
  • 30. Mister Survivor (according to RHAP)
  • 31. A pre-merge tribe, which went to tribal council at least 3 times in a row
  • 32. A pre-merge tribe, which didn't went to tribal council for at least 12 days in a row
  • 33. A player who gave up an individual immunity during tribal council
  • 34. A male, who was the youngest castaway of his season and made the merge
  • 35. A female, who was the youngest castaway of her season and made the merge
  • 36. A player who won a fire building tiebreaker challenge
  • 37. A player who lost a fire building tiebreaker challenge
  • 38. A player who got maried to another player (married after both played)
  • 39. A tribe, which had numbers in the merge, but one of them got voted out in the first merged TC
  • 40. At least 2 times player, who never was voted out


  • 41. 2 Players arguing with each other
  • 42. Jeff's Probst cast assingment
  • 43. Meet the cast video (with all cast)
  • 44. Ponderosa video of 1st Jury member
  • 45. A Fan-made intro video for fictionall all-stars themed season
  • 46. A part of Survivor auction
  • 47. An audition video for a player who got in the show S1-19
  • 48. A video interview from Reunion red carper
  • 49. A video of FTC speech
  • 50. An Entertainment Weekly interview from S31


  • 51. A Photo of 3 people, who combined played at least 300 days
  • 52. A picture of full Orange tribe
  • 53. A picture, of player with his/her HII
  • 54. A blured picture of the player
  • 55. A picture of FTC members, who all got votes in the FTC
  • 56. A photo of a castaway doing yoga
  • 57. A picture, where two players has the same first name
  • 58. A picture of the first Jury member during his/her last challenge
  • 59. A picture of a player, who spent at least 10 years (20 seasons) before returning to game
  • 60. A FB agitating photo of a player, who tried to get casted on 2nd chances, but failed