Day 28 - Auction


Well guys, you have made it 28 days into this game and we thought it'd be a nice change of pace but having a good old fashion Survivor Auction!


It's easy enough. You each will receive 500 US dollars to spend on seven different items. Now this items can either really help you or cost you dearly. These are all game-changers. They all will remain covered, but these range from a Clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol to a Double Vote to a Challenge Disadvantage. Each player is asked to submit in their Confessional chats a list (#1-#7) with how much you'd like to spend on each item. If there is a tie for an item, there will be a "rock draw" to decide on which player gets it. Once you spend your money on a item, you will not get that money back even if you don't win the item. The deadline to submit your list is 3/26 4:00pm UTC. Got it?