Day 26 - Reward/Immunity Challenge


Well guys, you have all survived a tough 26 days and have gotten to know one another fairly well by this point (Unless you're using the Martynas social game strategy...) and we believe it's fitting to have the next challenge be none other than...

Touchy Subjects!

It's a simple enough challenge. You are asked to answer twenty questions about your fellow tribe mates, who are left in the game. You will need to answer these questions twice. First time, you are answering your personal answer, how you feel. You can not answer yourself for any of these questions. Second time, you will answer the questions on how you feel the tribe answered. This time around you can answer yourself. Player with the most answers correct will win Individual Immunity and reward!

1) Who is the most likely to stab you in the back?
2) Who has wasted a great opportunity in this game?
3) Who is the most honest?
4) Who is the most dishonest?
5) Who needs a wake up call in life?
6) Who mistakenly thinks they're running this game?
7) Who is the worst at playing this game?
8) Who would you hate to see win this game?
9) Who mistakenly thinks they're smart?
10) Who does not deserve to still be here?
11) Who do you hope to never see again?
12) Who is most likely to be in the Final Tribal Council?
13) Who has yet to live up to their full potential?
14) Who would you not like to be stranded with in a real island?
15) Who is the most annoying member of the tribe?
16) Who is the funniest member of the tribe?
17) Who would you like to see win this game?
18) Who would you trust with your life?
19) Who has a strong sense of entitlement?
20) Who has surprised you so far?

Please send both sets of answers to your Facebook chat by 3/24 3:00pm UTC. Got it?