Day 24 - Tribal Council (Harxa)

Harxa, welcome back to Tribal Council. Behind you is a torch, grab one and dip it into the pit to get fire. In this game, fire represents your life. When your fire's gone, so are you.



Well guys, last Tribal Council was interesting. But as we all know, in Survivor anything and everything will happen so you can't always feel too secure in your place in the game. Before we vote, I have a few questions for you:

  • Last vote a player from the original Gozo tribe went home, does that mean it's tribal lines or was it more specifically about getting Tommy out?
  • Is it too early to be thinking about Jury Management?
  • Any thoughts about the lack of Idol talk going on around camp?

With that, it is time to vote. You can vote for everyone except for Tom. Once you send in your vote, it is final. Please send your vote to your Facebook chat by 3/23 2:30pm UTC.

It's time to vote