Day 8 - Reward/Immunity Challenge


Gozo getting its first look at the new Ramla tribe. Norman voted out at Tribal Council...

Well guys, today you will be playing for both Immunity and Reward!


Today you guys will be playing "A Case of You." It's simple enough. As fans of Survivor, you all know that there has been a good amount of people who have battled it out for the title of Sole Survivor. Some have succeeded while most have not. For this challenge you will start off by creating a thread entitled "(Tribe Name)'s Thread" and post the full name of a Survivor player (example: JT Thomas) and next player will post the full name of a Survivor that begins with the last letter in the previous name posted (example: The letter is "S" in "Thomas" so I'll post Sierra Reed). You can not post again until two other tribe mates have posted and you can't use the same name twice. This will go on for 24 hours and the tribe with the most names posted, and are spelled correctly, will win! The deadline for this challenge is 3/8 5:30pm UTC.